Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Morning of Maddux's Arrival

On Dec. 21st Greg and I woke up to a snow covered Cedar City! I was scheduled to be induced at 5:00 am so after Greg sholved the driveway at 4:30 in the morning we headed to the hospital.. It was very sureal. I couldn't believe it was actually time to meet my little guy. Greg and I were both nervous and excited to get things started.
At around 11:30 am Grandma and Grandpa Harris arrived from California. They were thankful to be out the snowy weather and we were excited to have family arrive. My progress was slow...I was still calm and relaxed and really hadn't felt much of anything.
At noon my Mom and sister Deidre arrived from Las Vegas. They were also glad to be out of the yucky weather and I was so glad they were there! I had been waiting to see my Mom all morning. I still had not felt much of anything up to this point and I was wondering if Maddux was ever going to get here.

Not to long after my Mom's arrival my water broke and that started the ball rolling...
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