Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sisters Reunion

Every summer my sisters and my mom all get together and have a sister reunion. We always try to do something fun together and take that time to catch up on eachother's lives. I really look forawrd to it every year. This year we decided to have a photographer come and take pictures Here are some of the cute ones.

Melissa, Olivia, Janene, Deidre, Me, Joanne, Janae

Craft Day & Picture Day at the Smith's who have a awesome backyard that entertained all the kids for hours while we talked and made a really cute house decoration.

Since our kids are still little we bring them all with us...especially since this year we all have new babies. Maybe one day when our kids are older we can do sisters reuion without bringing the kids...because this many kids tends to make things a little hectic at times. We love it though!

Here are single pictures of each of the families:

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Going Back to Work

About a month and a half ago I unfortunately had to go back to work. It was such a crazy and emotional time for our family. A week before I was scheduled to start work again my babysitter called and quit on me. I was devastated and even considered quiting. Instead, I tearfully searched for a new babysitter praying that something would work out. I quickly found out that no one had openings except one lady who live 20 min. away and who I was not comfortable with...but she was my only option.
That Sunday I ran into a friend of mine who told me that she had mentioned our situation to a friend of hers and that her friend had said she might be willing to watch one little guy to bring in a little extra money. I of course burst into tears and said "maybe this is the answer to my prayers!"
Greg and I went to meet Samantha that next week and just loved her and her family. She has three kids of her own, a boy age 1 and two girls ages 6 and 4. As we were leaving her house she said "I know you think that this could be an answer to your prayers...but I think it's an answer to mine."
Needless to say she is wonderful! We have become great friends and her family has become very attached to Maddux. I feel so blessed that they are a part of our lives. Here are a few pictures of Maddux with her cute kids.

Maddux and his best bud Ryder

Maddux hanging with the girls

Sadie (6) and Skyler (4)

Such handsome smiley boys
I am so excited that in just three weeks I get to be home for the summer again with Maddux. It can't come fast enough!
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