Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Region Champs!!

For those of you who don't husband Greg is the Head Coach of the boys Cross Country Team at Canyon View High School here in Cedar City. He has done such an amazing job with the team since he has become coach... and this year he has a really good varsity team.
Yesterday was the region championships, which is the last big meet before state, and his team place FIRST!!! 4 of his boys placed in the top 6!! (who are pictured above) It was so much fun to be a part of this amazing accomplishment for Greg and his team!
I am continually amazed with all of Greg's many talents...not only is he an amazing runner himself but he is also such a good dad, a really good teacher, a great husband, and obviously an awesome coach! Here is Greg and his varsity team

Greg being interviewed by two newspapers! Such a celebrity! Autographs anyone?
If you want to read the whole article click here.

The Regional Champs! Good Luck at State boys!

October Bunko Night

I recently joined a Bunko group of 12 really cute girls...we meet once a's really fun. Six of us in the group work at Iron Springs Elementary and the other girls are a combination of a photographer, hairstylists, and stay-at-home moms.

Since this month was October the host decided it would be fun to dress up! Here are the costumes we all came up with. It was a blast!

I feel lucky to have such great girlfriends!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cold weather blues!

Well it's officially winter weather here in Cedar....which means warmer clothes, no more playing outside everyday, and the dreaded snow!!

Here is Maddux playing inside in some new winter gear

The first offical snow of the winter....and it's only Oct. 11th!!

It's not Maddux's first snow...since he is a December baby but it was fun to see his reaction to it now that he's old enough to realize what's going on...he loves it!
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Sprinkles Monster

Greg brought home doughnuts for breakfast this morning and he bought Maddux his very own sprinkled one. Since it was his first time eating doughnuts we gave him the whole thing...

He was a little timid at first but not for long

He didn't actually end up eating very much of it but...he LOVED it
By the end he was a sprinkles monster!
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Monday, October 6, 2008

St. George Marathon!

This weekend was the St. George Marathon and Greg and Ralph ran in it! It was crazy weather....but Greg did AWESOME! He ran the whole 26.2 miles in only 2hrs and 41min!!! He is such a stud! We were so proud of him! It was 20th place overall and seventh in his age group which is a really competivite age range. Ralph also did so good getting third in his age group.

It was nice to also have Greg's family here to support him. Taryn, Midge, Me and the babies hung out together most of the time which was so much fun. Everytime we have the boys together I always wish we lived closer to them because they are so cute together. These first few pictures are of me and Taryn with the boys hanging out in the car because it was raining and cold. We stayed in the car as long as we could. Midge found a premire parking spot right next to the finish line so we were able to stay in the car till the last possible moment.

When we finally did venture out to see Greg and Ralph cross the finish line it was quite the task...two babies, one stroller & three was crazy but worth it!

Here is Grandpa with the boys after we got home...the boys are decked out in the shirts we made for them!

Here are some pictures of the fronts of their shirts:
Maddux's says: Daddy and Grandpa's Future Running Buddy
Nate's says: Go Grandpa and Uncle Greg!

and the backs...

Maddux's says: "My dad is faster than your dad!"
Nate's says: "If you want to get second place...follow my Grandpa!"

Picture Time

My mother-in-law recently got Maddux's pictures taken for me as a surprise! (So nice! huh?) I think they turned out so good!

What's not to love about this sweet little guy?
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