Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Las Vegas to see my family. It was a lot of fun! My mom had about 20 people for dinner. We arrived early on Thursday morning and stayed until Sunday. We were able to finish all our Christmas shopping while we were there...thanks to Greg for braving the crowds on Friday morning to get it done! We made the goal to get it all done this weekend so that we don't have anything to worry about with the baby coming so soon! About three weeks left...can you believe it?

Here's the huge table we all sat around for dinner!

My Mom, Janae, Me and Deidre relaxing while the boys did the dishes!

Stuffed for Thanksgiving! My cousin Andrea due Dec. 16th, Me due Dec. 18th, and my sister Janae due Jan. 26th.

This is a picture of Uncle Greg and Carter (Janae's son). They were attached at the hip the whole weekend. Carter loves Uncle Greg!! They played cars together and looked at the lawn mower in the garage a million times. Carter also decided that he did not want to eat anything at a table unless his Uncle Greg was sitting next to him. He even asked Grandma and his Dad to move over to make room for Greg. It was so cute!! The sad part was that when we got home on Sunday we received a call from Janae who said Carter had been crying because Uncle Greg had gone home and wanted to talk to him on the phone. I think carter would agree that Maddux is going to be one lucky boy to have Greg as his Dad!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting Ready for Maddux

I almost can't believe it but there is only one month to go before my due date (Dec. 18th)!! We are so excited and can't wait to meet Maddux!! We have been working extra hard to get his room ready for his arrival. We thought it would be fun to share what it looks like so far...

It all started with the bedding... It took me a long time to find something I liked. (I have a problem with decision making) But, I finally, with the help of my Mom and sisters, decided on this cute plane bedding from Pottery Barn.

After that we bought furniture, which was also a hard decision for me. Then Greg added chair rail half way up the wall and painted below with stripes! Greg's parents helped us paint when they came and visited one weekend which was a lot of fun. The boys will try to take credit for all the work but my mother-in-law and I agree that the small obsessively straight lines...are what really make it so cute!

Next we received this really cute plane mobile from Greg's parents.

Then my cute husband worked all day one Saturday to put his name above his bed. I painted the letters but he cut the wood for the frame, painted the wall inside of the frame and then hung the letters. I love how it turned out!

The last thing that happened was my sister Olivia volunteered to paint some of the exact planes from his bedding on canvas to hang on the wall above his changing table. I still need to but the frames before I hang them but here is what they turned out like!! I knew she was an amazing artist but I cant' believe how perfect these turned out!! They will be a gift from Aunt Olivia that Maddux will always treasure!

Here is the final product!

My First Blog

I have decided to start my own blog. I think it's so much fun to read other peoples and see pictures of their cute families. It's a great way to keep updated when family and friends live far away. So, since Greg and I don't have any family that live in Cedar I think this will be a great way to keep all of you updated on our lives.

Here is the most recent picture of us and our friends Kim and Dennis Almond. We went miniature golfing one night and had so much fun! You can't really see my belly in this picture for those of you who haven't seen me recently. I'll have to try and get a better picture and post it soon.