Friday, January 18, 2008

Our New Night Life

We can't believe how much fun it is to have Maddux in our lives. It seems weird that there was ever a time when he wasn't. Although our lifestyle has changed dramatically we are so happy! Here are a few pictures of how we spend our evenings now.

Greg, Maddux and Boca just hanging out!
(Boca hasn't given up on being the center of attention... but she is trying to be tolerant of Maddux getting all the attention. As you can see, she insists on curling up next to whoever is holding the baby)

Me and Maddux hanging out after he has eaten dinner...I spend lots of time feeding him

Maddux relaxing in his new swing!

He loves it...aren't those pajamas so cute with the little puppy prints on the feet!


Olivia said...

He is such a cute little guy. I wish I could see him so badly. That swing makes him look so tiny and I too love those jammies with the paw prints on them. Soooooo cute!

Tristen said...

You guys have the cutest little family! I think Maddux looks just like Greg! My mom and I will be in St. George next weekend...I'll call ya!

Lane and Katie Eyre said...

Isn't it so fun how your life totally changes in just a day. He is adorable!

Raelene said...

Maddux, is SOOO cute! Its so funny you did his rooms in planes. All of Cohen's stuff is planes too, and I looked at that very mobile on Congrats!

Wirig Family Blog said...

The older Maddux gets the more he looks like Greg! I can't wait for him to meet Audrey!

Ames Family said...

Mel he is such a cute little guy!!! I am glad to hear that you went out to dinner...a break is always so needed. I miss you!