Thursday, March 24, 2011

Maddux and the Motorcycle...

Pretty much since Maddux was born Greg has been looking forward to taking him on his motorcycle. Maddux has grown up sitting on it, helping clean it, turning it on, and wishing he could ride on it. I have been VERY hesitant to let him go on it and told Greg probably wouldn't want him to ride on it until he was like 10. Well...this Valentines Day I gave Greg and Maddux matching helmets for the motorcycle. So, Maddux was able to take his first ride on it and he LOVED it! They drove around the block twice and he was grinning from ear to ear. Here is a little trip down memory lane and then a short clip of his first ride!
First time on the motorcycle...3 months old

First time on it by himself...18 months old

Practicing how to hold on...2 years old

Helping Dad back it out of the driveway...2 years old

Wearing their new matching helmets and ready to go...3 years old

His first ride!