Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cross Country Running Camp

This last summer were helpd Greg's annual cross country summer running camp at my parent's cabin. We took alot of his boys and then Maddux, Ambrie and I came to hlep make the meals. It was so much fun for his team to be able to bond and get in some great runs at high altitudes. We even invited the grisl team up for a run and dinner one of the days which was fun too! They loved it and we enjoyed having the time to relax!

Here is a picture of all their running shoes...

This is a retaining wall that his team built as a service project for my Dad as a Thank you for letting them stay in his cabin. I think it turned out pretty nice! I hope it helps with the snow drift this next winter!

Maddux was sad to not be able to help build the wall outside so I helped him build his own wall inside..He was ver rpud of it and couldn't wait for the "running boys" as he calls them to come back inside to see it. They are so cute with him and he absolutley adores them!

Here is just one last picture of my cute little guy with a different tower he built! I sure love this kid!
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