Monday, April 18, 2011

Ambrie is ONE!!

I can't believe my girl is already 1! She had such a great birthday full of family, friends, a party just for her and presents galore! What more could a girl ask for?

The birthday girl all dressed up for her big day!

The food and was a lot of work but so worth it!

The friends that showed up to celebrate her big day!

Waiting for the cake!

She was timid at first but then dove right in and made a big mess!

Here is the cake, her birthday hat (made by my friend Alecia), and the party favors that we passed out...I think they all turned out so cute!

She was such a trooper the whole day and so happy during it all!

Ambrie Jo,

Happy Birthday! We hope you had a perfect birthday day Sis and want you to know how lucky we feel to have you as our little girl. Your personality is so sweet, but, we love how you are brave and silly too. You have your Dad and your brother wrapped around your finger already and I love that. Even though you are a tiny little thing you are SO busy. Right now you get into everything! The cupboards, drawers, and bookshelves are constantly being emptied and reorganized by you.

It seems like you learn something new everyday and we can't believe how much you understand. You have finally started to walk, just a few steps, even though you have been standing forever! Something that surprises us the most is that you are a bit of a dare devil. For example, you would much rather climb on top of the little picnic table we got you than sit at it. You also climb right up the stairs of the slide you got for your birthday and then wait at the top and holler until someone comes to help you slide down. Oh how you wish you were big enough to do everything your big brother have bumps and bruises to prove it.

It's crazy to think that it's already been a year but we can't imagine anyone more perfect for our family! We sure love you little one!


Mom and Dad

Brother and Sister

Let me just start by saying I LOVE having two kids. They are so fun to watch together and they adore eachother. If Maddux is sleeping Ambrie goes straight to his door and bangs on it hoping he will emerge. If Ambrie is going down for a nap Maddux always says "Mom, let's have Ambrie take just a short little nap, okay?" I love that they love to hang out with eachother!

Of course they have their moments of jealousy and fighting but for the most part they just can't get enough of eachother!

Maddux's favorite thing is to be the first one into Ambrie's room whenever she wakes up and she just squeals when she see him. Today, I was a little slow getting into her room to get her out of bed and when I walked in Maddux had climbed into the crib with her and they were playing peek-a-boo and both belly laughing! It was so cute!

I love how they are proud of eachother and snuggle with eachother and how they make eachother laugh. I think it is so sweet that they worry when the other one is hurt or crying. Pretty much I just feel VERY lucky to have them both and I know they feel the same way about eachother!

Who wouldn't love these cute faces?